Ski Racing

What is Skiracing?

   Ski Racing is a highly organized and expertly controlled form of speed skiing, where boats and skiers compete to set the fastest time over a certain distance of river or lake.
    Teams compete against the clock and the winner of the event is the team which has the lowest time after completion of the run.

             WHAT IS A SKI RACE TEAM
   The Boat. The sky is the limit from a social ski boat to a full race boat, this is the hub of the team in which the driver negotiates the course which includes bends and straights ranging in length  and completes all of this in the quickest possible time, which may see the team traveling from speeds of 60 kmh around corners and up to 170km in some of the longest straights. While doing this the observer constantly monitors skier signals, the skiers fitness, other boats along the course, which is then relayed to the driver while monitoring engine and boat performance.
   The one or two Skiers are usually told by the driver to just hang on and follow me but in reality they are governing the speed of the boat by their fitness which at the end of the whatever the distance and the grueling conditions they will have been severely tested. By the time the checkered buoys greet the team at the finish line with many skiers saying it's the most exhilarating feeling especially if they are successful in obtaining a very sort after first place.

Below is an article taken from POWERBOAT FEB. 1977.