Wakeboarding ( Different Ropes )

Choosing the Right Rope

Wakeboarders require a stiffer rope than water skiers to help perform tricks. A tighter, stiffer rope that does not stretch helps you get more air and be able to pull yourself through flips and spins.
Low stretch
Low stretch ropes are generally constructed of polyethylene or some blend of it . These generally stretch around 1 percent in length when under a normal wakeboarding load.
No-stretch ropes are constructed using a material called Spectra Spectra rope is very strong and has almost no elastic properties. They stretch less than half a percent when under load.
If most or all of your time is spent water skiing, a ski rope should be your choice even if you are wakeboarding. If you mainly wakeboard or are trying to improve your skills and learn tricks, a stiffer rope is your best bet. If you spend equal amounts of time skiing and wakeboarding, and you are an occasional or recreational user, a low-stretch rope will do the job. This gives you some stretch for recreational water skiing,but also offers enough stiffness to pull against when wakeboarding.

Wakeboard handles tend to be more specialized than water-ski handles because they offer more features that make tricks and aerial maneuvers easier.
Most wakeboard handles have a wider grip than water ski handles.
Wakeboard handles commonly have grips that are 13-15 inches wide, where as ski handles are generally 11-12 inches wide.
The increased grip width makes it easier to perform tricks requiring the handle to be passed behind the rider's back.
Wakeboard handles usually have a rope braid for the rider to hold onto; or offer a second, smaller handle grip built into the rope for a stronger hold.

Rope Length
Most wakeboarding ropes are between 60 to 70 feet long. Rope length is a matter of personal preference, but those just starting out may prefer a shorter rope length because the wake is narrower closer to the boat. The better ropes have adjustment loops that allow for quick adjustment to accommodate any skill level.