Ski Tubes


There are many shapes and sizes of tubes on the market today. We have sorted them into five basic types according to riding style and performance.Tube features to look for include quick connector to make attachment to the rope easier and with less rope wear, boston valve for quick inflation and deflation, padded handles, neoprene knuckle guards underneath the handles and of course quality of manufacture.

The round tube for the budget conscious offers a typical tube ride and is the least stable of all tubes giving an exciting ride. They provide excellent value for money as an introduction to towing inflatables or for when friends drop in. 
The delta or triangular shaped tube provides easier starts requiring less power, and is inherently more stable both in a straight line and in turns. Bigger versions can carry two riders The large covered tubes, mostly round in shape provide a different type of ride requiring more rider input to stay on top and are aimed at multiple riders.

Deluxe shaped tubes include those that carry two or more riders, are generally very large,and come in many different shapes. These tubes can also have more than one chamber needing inflation. Some of these tubes will respond to rider input and can be steered into and out of the wake. 

The last shape is the inline seating style. This inflatable provides fun for the largest number of riders and handles rougher water than normal shaped tubes.