Ski Info. ( Ski Ropes )
There is no longer one rope for all occasions. Ropes are now purpose built to bring the best out of your time on the water with the most safety.

Recreational ropes
The ropes in this category, as the name implies, are for recreational skiing. Activities including towing beginners and intermediate skiers,on two skis, kneeboards, and wakeboards. These ropes provide an entry level product for those people new to the sport.

Wakeboard ropes
These ropes are built with several loops to allow tuning of the rope length to suit individual riders and wakes. Ropes with less stretch and higher strength are much more expensive and provide expert riders with a more consistent pull from the boat. The exotic materials used in these ropes are also much lighter and hold less water thereby adding to jump height and hang time.

Slalom Ropes
Purpose built slalom ropes are much thicker and stronger than recreational ropes and also come with a number of loops to allow shortening of the rope. Slalom skiing applies considerable loads upon the rope and a quality slalom rope will provide a more consistent pull for the skier.These ropes are also designed with minimal stretch and to stand the rigors of hard skiing.

Barefoot Ropes
A purpose built barefoot rope is longer to allow the footer to stand back in flatter water. Quality barefoot ropes are made from similar materials as high end wakeboard ropes primarily to reduce stretch which benefits all barefooters.

Tube Ropes
Purpose designed tube ropes have been developed to suit the extra demands that towing inflatables places upon ropes. Should a normal ski rope designed for a sole skier be used to tow 3 people on a large inflatable, this rope could easily break and create a dangerous situation. Use the correct tow rope for its application to reduce the risk of the rope being overloaded. Tube ropes come in varying sizes and ratings to suit the intended application. They are available in 1, 2, and 3
person ratings