Skiing Alternate ( Kneeboards )

This long time favorite is enjoying a come back with exciting new designs,new materials, and new shapes. There are two basic manufacturing processes for kneeboards.

Polyethylene Boards
The most common is a one piece roto-moulded polyethylene board that is generally foam filled. These make up about 80% of all kneeboard sales and are well priced.

Compression Moulded Boards
These are manufactured in a similar process as slalom skis and wakeboards.This produces a much thinner and stiffer board that is also easier to start on out in the deep as it is less buoyant.

There are two variants in shape. The first being a standard or pointy nosed board, and the second being a square nosed board. The pointy nosed board is where it all began when Hydroslide invented the first kneeboard. This provides an easy ride with smooth turns and easy deep water starts.

Square nosed boards offer much easier surface tricks and riding the board either forward or backwards just as easy. The wider the shape also provides more pop as the board hits the boat wake resulting in more air.

Kneeboard straps and pads come in all shapes and quality. The strap comes in a variety of widths with the wider ones being much more comfortable and generally feature neoprene or EVA padding. The innovative shock strap reduces the instance of strap loosening on the big jumps and landings and adds further to rider comfort and security.

Kneepads vary in thickness making the ride more comfortable especially once big jumps have been mastered making landings a lot softer.

Some boards feature fins which are either retractable or retractable on the fly which means that you can have them up or down without having to stop and click them into place in-between rides. Fins up for fast surface spins and riding backwards and fins down for nice slalom carves and aggressive wake attacks.