(Different Types)

Anchoring Your Boat

  • Anchor Types
The first step in anchoring is selecting the proper anchor. The four most popular style anchors all that have several style variations.

  • Fluke Anchors:
 Commonly referred to as a Danforth style. This anchor is available in galvanized steel, rubber coated, stainless, and aluminum. The fluke is also found with solid shanks or slotted with a slip ring installed. The slip ring makes anchor retrieval even easier.

  •  Plow Anchors:
Plow anchors have excellent holding capabilities but are difficult to store without a bow pulpit.

  •  Mushroom:
Mushroom anchors get there name because they look like a upside down mushroom.They are available in the standard mushroom, a river style that has claws, and a Richter that has a slip ring and spikes. Mushroom anchors do not have the holding power of a fluke or plow anchor and should only be used on small, lighter weight boats.

  •  Navy Anchors:
Navy anchors are weight based anchors with short heavy flukes for additional holding power.
  •  Anchoring Tips
 Anchors also must have something to attach them to the boat. This is called the anchor rode and may consist of line, chain or a combination of both.The whole system of gear including anchor, rode, shackles etc. is called ground tackle. By adding chain between the anchor and line can significantly help in getting your anchor set. The amount of rode that you have out (scope) when at anchor depends generally on water depth and weather conditions. The deeper the water and the more severe the weather the more rode you will put out.

  The key to anchoring is having the proper scope. The term scope refers to the depth to the bottom plus the height of the bow vs. the length of line to the anchor.At a minimum you should have out five to eight times 5 to 1 scope for day anchoring and 6 - 8 to 1 for overnight the depth of the water plus the distance from the water to where the anchor will attach to the bow.For example, if you measure water depth and it shows 10 feet and it is3 feet from the top of the water to your bow cleat you would multiply13X(5) = 65 or 13X(8) = 104 to determine the amount of rode to put out.While these lengths may seem excessive these are industry standards by which the anchors have been tested for boat size ratings.

  Retrieve the anchor by pulling or powering forward slowly until the anchor rode hangs vertically at the bow. Cleat the line as the boat moves slowly past the vertical. This will use the weight of the boat to free the anchor and protect you from being dragged over the bow. Now you can simply pull in the rode and the anchor.

Anchor - Admiralty ( Kedge)

Also known as Fisherman's Pick.
  • Suitable for hard, rocky or reef bottoms.
  • Folds flat for storage.
  • Heavy duty hot dipped galvanised finish.
Anchor - Grapnel
  • Ideal for weedy bottoms (particularly colder waters).
  • Fitted with retrieval eye for ease of removal.
  • Heavy duty hot dipped galvanised finish.

Anchor - Plow
  • Provides safe & sure anchoring for heavier craft.
  • Ideal for sand and mud.
  • Fitted with retrieval eye for ease of removal.
  • Heavy duty hot dipped galvanised finish.

Anchor - Reef


  • Suited to reef conditions only.
  • Heavy duty hot dipped galvanised finish. If snagged in reef conditions, the prongs will straighten with retrieval load.
Note: Vessels anchored with a reef anchor should not be left unattended.

Anchor - Sand
  • The most popular of all anchors.
  • Suitable for use on sand or mud bottoms.
  • Fitted with retrieval eye for ease of removal.
  • Stows flat.
  • Heavy duty hot dipped galvanised finish.

Anchor - Sarca

  • Suitable for all types of bottom.
  • Easy to retrieve.
  • Self cleaning.

Super SARCA Anchors

Super SARCA Anchors are designed in Australia and manufactured in Australia and New Zealand using top-quality 316 stainless steel or mild steel which has been hot-dip galvanized. The patented design is unique and revolutionary, offering superb holding power on a variety of bottom types including mud, sand, gravel and rock, eliminating the need to carry two or more anchors to do the same job!

Super SARCA's unique design makes it both safer and easier to use. The penetrating ability and holding power of the Super SARCA has to be experienced to be believed.

Super SARCA Anchors

  • Unique tangle resistant design improves anchor safety.
  • First Australian Made Anchor to get Victorian Marine Board Approval.