South Pacific Industrial Pty Ltd("South Pacific") will provide warranty for a period of three years from the date of purchase by the end user, subject to the conditions,limitations and exceptions listed below.

Conditions, limitations and exceptions

  1. South Pacific’s liability shall be limited to the repair or replacement of any of the parts of the product which are defective in materials or production.
  2. The warranty is deemed as effective only under conditions of proper installation, normal operation, maintenance and without modification of the product.
  3. The warranty will be deemed effective only if used on a non-commercial basis.
  4. DO NOT OPEN UP THE PRODUCT. The warranty will be deemed VOID if the Buyer opens up the product.
  5. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO INVESTIGATE OR CARRY OUT REPAIRS. The warranty will be deemed VOID if the Buyer attempts to investigate or carry out repairs.
  6. The warranty will be deemed void if used under the following conditions:
    1. Operation exceeds the product’s performance specifications or working load;
    2. Use for purposes other than that designed, indicated or intended;
    3. Failure to service or maintain the product in accordance with South Pacific’s recommendations;
    4. Faulty or deficient installation of the product;
    5. Disassembly or modification of the product;
    6. Installation of other parts on the product;
    7. Third party products even if associated or used together with this product;
    8. Abuse.
  7. Responsibility for the selection of products appropriate for the use intended by the Buyer shall rest solely with the Buyer and South Pacific accepts no responsibility for any such selection.


  1. Proof of purchase must be supplied when claiming warranty.
  2. Products subject to a warranty claim must be returned to the South Pacific outlet that supplied the product.
  3. Upon examination by South Pacific, any product, which proves to be defective in normal usage during that three-year period, will be repaired or, at South Pacific’s discretion, replaced.


  1. South Pacific is not liable for:
    1. Any loss of anticipated turnover or profit or indirect, consequential or economic loss; or
    2. Damages, costs or expenses payable to any third party; or
    3. Any damage to vessel or equipment;
    4. Any renovations of vessel or equipment;
    5. Death or personal injury;
    6. Loss or damage to property;
    7. Any consumable part.
  2. The cost of postage and/or removal from the boat will be borne by the owner.
  3. South Pacific’s products are intended for use only in the marine environment. South Pacific accepts is no liability arising from any other use.

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