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VS600 (for boats 5.4m ~ 9.6m) and VS1000 (8.4m ~ 12.6m)
 Our Special Prices
Pro VS600 $1160.00    (rrp. $1299.95)
Pro VS600C $1305.00 (with capstan) (rrp.$1449.95)
Pro VS1000 $1439.00   (rrp. $1599.95)
Pro VS1000C $1593.00 (with capstan) (rrp.$1769.95)
All winches are plus $30.00 freight Aust. wide
NOTE: VS designates stainless steel base (stainless steel gypsy is standard)

The Pro VS series windlass is a top-of-the-line model, with all parts above deck made of polished #316 stainless steel including the shaft, base, chain cover and Gypsy. The metal gearbox, heavy duty DC motor and base have been designed into one, with no separate parts for easy installation. Capstan and Gypsy are able to be operated separately.


PRO VS600 PRO VS1000
Suit Boats Size 5.4m ~ 8.4m (18ft~28ft) 8.4m ~ 12.6m (28ft ~ 45ft)
Handle Anchor Size 27lb / 30lb 40lb
Comparable Model 600W Model 1000W Model
Operating Voltage 12V DC 12V DC or 24V DC
Max Working Load 275kg(600lb) 450kg(1000lb)
Typical Working Load 45kg(100lb) 72kg(160lb)
Retrieval Speed 20m(67ft)/min. 18m(60ft)/min.
Pay-out Speed 22m(75ft)/min. 20m(67ft)/min.
Continuous Working Time Max. 20 min. Max. 20min.
Current Draw 16 Amp 25 Amp or 13 Amp
Motor Type Permanent magnet Permanent magnet
Motor Wattage I/O 700W/300W 1100W/450W
Motor Efficiency 75% 82%
Gear Type /Efficiency

Spur Gear/92%~97%

Spur Gear/92%~97%
Gypsy R0014/ R0014 or R0067 R0067
Capstan diameter
Dimension 195mm x 130mm x 275mm 195mm x 130mm x 275mm
Weight 5.0kg/5.2kg ~ 9.5kg 5.8kg ~ 10kg

Package contents

Hardwares User Manual/
Installation guide
(for VA1000 only)
Wiring Diagram Possibility

Important Notice
   We at Precision Marine have personally experienced great variation in some nylon rope being sold on the Australian market. Some is not a suitable rope for many anchor winches.
   We have tested some nylon rope and found it to jamb in the gypsy while retrieving the anchor so be careful.
   When making a purchase be sure it is three strand medium lay which is stiffer than some. A good test is to hold out a 300mm section horizontal with two hands and on letting go one end it shouldn't sag past 45 degrees.


This white nylon 3 strand rope is around twice as strong as silver rope.This allows a smaller diameter rope to be used which proves cost effective. Nylon rope is the strongest and most elastic synthetic fibre UV resistant rope. It is easy to handle, has great elasticity,shock absorbtion and abrasion resistance.Nylon rope is ideal for mooring lines, towing slings, commercial fishing applications and as a high quality, easy to handle anchor rope.

Breaking Strain: 2940 Kg

Anchor Winch Nylon Rope -
12mm x 200mts.    Price $480.00 

12mm x 100mts.     Price $245.00

12mm x 50mts.        Price $125.00

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