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Pro VN600  Price $749.00

Freight $25.00 to most places.
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South Pacific's PRO VN600 is the perfect choice for the value savvy boat owner. This economic windlass is competitive in price without any compromise to design or performance. With a maximum working load of 275kg and swift retrieval speeds, it’s sure to do the job next time you’re out boating.

The structure has a nylon and fiberglass composition and thus ensures a strong and sturdy frame, while also being UV resistant. It comes standard with a stainless steel gypsy, which takes both rope and chain, ideal for customization to your individual needs.

With new features such as the built-in torque limiter, it proves to provide smoother and more reliable operation.

Enjoy the benefits of easier and safer anchoring, the PRO VN600 is definitely an essential feature on your boat!


Suits boat sizes 5.4m ~ 8.4m (18ft~28ft)
Handle anchor size 27lb / 30lb
Comparable Model 600W Model
Input Voltage 12V DC
Maximum working load 275kg(600lb)
Typical Working Load 45kg(100lb)
Retrieval Speed 20m(67ft)/min.
Pay-out Speed 22m(75ft)/min.
Continuous working time Max. 20 min.
Current Draw 16 Amp
Motor Type Permanent magnet