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                   New model release
South Pacific
HS1500 and HS1500C

HS1500 Price $1599.00
(power out with stainless steel gypsy)
HS1500C Price $1899.00

(power out with stainless steel gypsy and capstan)

VS1500 series: Suit boats from 12~18M(40~60ft) or handle up to 27kg(60lb)of anchor The VS 1500 series windlass is a top-of-the-line model, with all parts above deck made of polished
sus 316 stainless steel including the base, chain tunnel cover, gypsy and capstan. The gearbox,
heavy duty DC motor and base have been designed into one, with no separate parts for easy
installation. Capstan and Gypsy are able to be operated separately.

VS1500 VS1500C

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