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                  ELECTRIC CAPSTANS



Our Special Prices
EC600A  $535.00 (Alloy Base)     plus $30 freight AUST. WIDE

NOTICE   We have a instore working model on display.

EC1000A  $635.00 (Alloy
Base)   plus $30 freight AUST.WIDE

  EC600S $729.00 (Stainless Steel Base)

EC1000S  $859.00 (Stainless Steel Base)


 *EC series come with one-foot switch and circuit breaker
(FS-200)(wiring not included)

NB. We have sold dozens of the EC600 / EC1000 Electric Capstans where they have been used for many different uses such as pulling fishing lines, craypots and even for lifting crocodiles in the top end of Aust. and never had a customer complaint.

We have suitable twin sheathed cable which is suitable for wiring South Pacific winches.
 It is recommended to wire your winch direct from your battery using not less than 8 gauge size wire.
PRICE $10.50 per mt.

 About Electrical Capstans

Base is made from SUS316 stainless steel(S series) or Aluminum Alloy(A, H, J series) with powder coated and efficiency heavy duty motor and gear box. These electric-operated capstans provides tremendous drag force and long-life performance. Ideal for pulling fishing net, crab pot, anchor rope, mast...etc
  EC600A / EC1000A vertical alumunum base
EC600S / EC1000S vertical stainless steel base
EC600J / EC1000J horizontal aluminum housing
  Foot switch
Circuit breaker
  EC600 series   EC1000 series  
  • Operating Voltage :
  • Max. Working Load :
  • Typical Load :
  • Retrieval Speed :
  • Duty cycle :
  • Current Draw(typical) :
  • Motor Wattage I/O :
  • Motor Type / Efficiency :
  • Gear Type / Efficiency :
  • Capstan Diametre :
  • Suit Rope Size :
  • Suit Deck Thickness :
  • 12V DC
  • 300kg(660lb)
  • 45kg(100lb)
  • 20m(67ft)/min
  • 40min/50%
  • 20A
  • 800W/350W
  • permanent magnet / 75 %
  • spur gear / 92%~98%
  • 66mm
  • 6~14mm, 1/4”~9/16”
  • 3mm~60mm
  • 12V DC
  • 450kg(1000lb)
  • 72kg(160lb)
  • 20m(67ft)/min

  • 28A
  • 1100W/450W
  • 82%

  • 3mm~60mm



Operating Voltage

12V DC 12V DC

Max. Working Load

275kg (600lb)

450kg (1000lb)

Typical Working Load 45kg (100lb) 72kg (160lb)

Retrieval Speed

20m/min (67ft/min)

28m/min (93ft/min)

Current Draw 16A 25A or 13A
Motor Wattage I/O 700W / 300W 1100W / 450W
Capstan Diameter 64mm 64mm
Weight 4.7kg (10.4lb) 5.3kg (11.7lb)



Notice: The EC600H / 1000H is now discontinued.

User manual


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