Suppliers of the premium grade
skiracing rope from SkiFAST 

which is the preferred choice
of most skiracing champions.

SkiFAST Race Rope Manufacturer:
SkiFAST rope was designed for the high performance skiers, who want the best.
The SkiFAST skirace rope has a very low stretch and with its higher strength and light weight combines to be superior over other ropes.

Four performance ropes to choose from.
  • Junior 5.0mm
  • Pro 5.6mm
  • Pro-Lite 5.3mm
  • XL 6.0mm
Colours are Fluro Lime or Hi Vis. Pink

SkiFAST rope comes by the roll of 200m (656')
Cut lengths will occur a surcharge.

Stronger, lighter and faster than any other race rope.
Worry about the competition not the rope!

PRICE $169.00 per 200mts.

Customers wishing to make a purchase please email and obtain our bank details for payment from "CONTACT US".