SKI & RACE BOAT Nostalgia from past 50 years.
Myself, Bob Heaney for over many decades has been involved in many aspects of boating and along the way collected and saved numerous items of interest and now would like to share it with the modern day boatie.

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Above photo taken 1965 Hamilton. Danny Boy ( ex K-Tem) Lewis runabout.

Above is the 1965 program for our circuit race meeting held by Western District Power Boat Squadron which myself was member and competitor.

Below is the popular marine supplier's catalogue with a few pages with pricing from the mid sixties.

Note, 75hp. was the largest hp. that McCullock produced. Quite large for the mid 60's

Pioneer of water ski manufacturing in Australia is Ron Marks along with Fred Williams and Vel Aqua, Rapid and perhaps a few others. All constructed from wood and beautifully crafted with many still in service. Ron Marks along with Williams Skis are still manufacturing today after about 50yrs.

Program from the Horsham Wimmera Cup being one of a series of successful meetings in the mid seventies.

A popular local is Bert Brauman in his supercharged Hemi Chrysler powered hydro "Super Roo"

Fred William's range of very popular wooden slalom, jump, trick and combo pairs of the fifty and sixties.

Fibremaster entered the boat market around late seventies or early eighties with the Malibu Skier. Beautifully presented, advanced design. Now marketed under the Stegcraft name.

The 70's seen Camero Boats in SA. launch the Camero Farina which had a similar bottom to the Skicraft Deluxe.

BELOW. In Victoria in the early 70's Skicraft entered the fibre-glass ski & race boat scene with their Clinker Deluxe with the help of the wooden  David Gill made hull to form their mould. Over the years Skicraft have produced many successful boats by owner and designer Ron Craddock.
The brochure below was collected from the 1973 Boat Show. Note the pricing.
As low as the prices seem Ron Craddock informed me he believed that the sales profit margin was larger then than present day prices.

Poster from one of Hamilton Aquatic Club's hugely successful race days with enormous crowd attendances. Photos show boats Ospray, skiffs Shannon and local owned Rebound (ex Edgar McDonald owned). Starter boat is my own boat Cyclone.

Below is the popular early 70's range of the Victorian built Nankervis race & ski boats. "Harada 2" dominated many ski races in the 70's.
The moulds were later sold to interstate Performance Craft Boats.
The brochure below was collected from the 1973 Boat Show.

Below is a Nankervis long deck "Scorpio" race boat

BELOW. One of the very first manufactures of fibreglass boats in Victoria was Merlin Fibreglass. Many boats were produced with the early models mainly using the grey model Holden 6 motors and later the red model 6 and the Mirage 15' and 16' models also fitted with V/8's.  and with some outboard versions.

The more narrow version the Sabre proved a popular choice for circuit racing back in the early sixties and seventies.

BELOW. Victorian Flightcraft Boat produced many fine ski and race boats from the early sixties. In later years the Flightcraft XLT was also being manufactured in USA after a intragated boarding platform was added to the rear of the hull to satisfy the buying public of America. Some models are still being produced by other boat builders in different locations in Australia.

David Gill and Gilflite Boats have a very respected reputations in producing some of the most successful wooden circuit racing skiffs, hydros and runabouts in Australia. With the introduction of fibreglass boat building Gillflite went on to produce high grade fibreglass boats to satisfy the Aust. market. Brochure is from the seventies.

BELOW. Jack Eddy was another Victorian builder of fine wooden racing boats equal to the best of the many interstate builders. Following the fibreglass trend he converted across making many ski boats under the name Speed-Well before his retirement.

Below: Eliminator boats imported from USA, later local manufactured in Melbourne

Skepirocraft, originally built in Shepparton Vic. then Lake Boga, Vic. and back to Shepparton.

Below "Shadrack" Archie Robertson in a quality Ramsay built hull