Suppliers of Pro-Trainer training bars

Alloy training bar mounted off high tower.
Bar is 2 piece and telescopic and about 2.1 long.
Tower diam. required with orders. (TB-AT-25B)
Price $910.00

Training bar hinges upwards for storage


Telescopic straight 2 section training bar mounted off center ski pole( 2830mm OA). (TB-A-25B)
   Price $910.00  

 Telescopic curved training bar to obtain seat clearance.
All measurements of the curved training bar have been taken and can be emailed to buyers if address is supplied.
About 2.8 long. Can get extended 300mm ($95.00)(TB-AC-25B)
Price $910.00

The 2 stage curved training bar fitted for seat clearance with a OA approx. length of 2800mm.

Contact us for supply and installation if required


From ski pole to centre of bend approx. 750mm

Hand grip 450mm. wide

The length of the knuckel joint is 76mm. x 110mm diam.

The hole size is to except a 63mm pole

The LH section can be left on the support pole if desired

Above is the support cable is supplied ready to fit with U bracket fitted forward under gunnel.

Above is the 75mm high pole cut and sleeved at a pre determined position to suit standard 63mm training bars.

Above photo show the coupling to suit the training bar. The pole section of the coupling can be left on when not in use.

Above photo shows how to maintain a ski connection while still obtaining the use of the high pole.

 Above curved training bar has a 450mm. offset and 2850mm. length from the centre of the centre support. When the knuckle coupling is fitted to opposite side on the training bar there will be a 650mm. offset and 2750mm. length from the centre support.