Alloy Ski Poles
Price $385.00 
   Stainless steel base $320.00
Aluminium – 63m diameter.
  Anodized– 1000m, 1100m, 1200m lengths.
Custom ski pole lengths available on request.
Swivel top to reduce rope wear.
Side mounted training bars can be mounted off these ski poles if required.

The above section is of the top section which is inserted into the alloy tube.

Ski pole is normally fixed forward of where a mid mounted engine cover would be. 
  Measurements required are the  distance from underneath floor down to bottom of the hull.

Above is the side adjustable stainless steel base.


S/S Ski Poles (51mm. diam. x 1260mm O/A long)

Price $350.00 
     Stainless steel base $320.00

Above is the swivel top for the alloy  and now the stainless steel ski poles.
( prevents rope burn)

Customers wishing to make a purchase please email and obtain our bank details for payment from "CONTACT US" you can click here.