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Here is a sample that you may see.

2,000 HP Outboard Inflatable ...
This thing belts across the English channel 3 times per week and was just a blur on the radar of the British Coast Guard.
They were so astonished by the speed of the unknown craft, they brought in a special high speed helicopter to chase it. Dr#gs were found on board. Of course, you'd have to be on
dr#gs to put the throttle down on this rig!

These two giant mullaways are believed to have been caught in the Nelson River in Victoria about 4 klm's up from the mouth last November during night-time.
The proud fisherman said it took him about 4.5hrs. to land each one.
They were caught on rabbit.
Let me know if you can better this.

Lake Hamilton
Western Victoria

Below: Photos of the sun partly blocked out by smoke from bushfires 100klm. away

Family members of Precision Marine
doing what they love

Jason winning National Title 2000cc Super Class
at Mildura 2010 in "PRECISION MARINE"

James on the Murray River Euston NSW