The STORM RIDER PRO all new design is a softshell bonded jacket that looks like a smart hooded jacket but operates as a proper PFD1 when called for. Both the hood and the sleeves zip off, so it’s adaptable to a wide range of operating and weather conditions.

Fabric shell face 90% polyester, 10% elastane shell back 100% polyester microfleece.

The STORM RIDER series is the ONLY PFD1 jacket on the market that can legally be worn open (with the buckle fastened).



  • Water/wind resistant fabric
  • Tough Wearing
  • Insulative
  • Hi-tech 4 way stretch (up, down, left & right)
  • Velcro cuff
  • Licence holder sleeve pocket
  • Zippered front pockets & inside mesh pockets
  • Removable hood and sleeves



S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 5XL



Black, Navy, Grey

What should I look for in a PFD?

  • When buying a PFD, make sure it is an approved product - “complies” and “meets” does not mean approved. Our Storm Rider series of PFD’s are fully approved Type 1 PFD’s.
  • Seriously look at the design of the PFD from the aspect of how it is going to float you if you are knocked unconscious. Be aware that your centre gravity changes and you are more likely to float face down. Our Storm Rider PFD’s will turn you over to face upwards at an inclined angle.
  • Check the label to ensure that it is intended for your weight & size.
  • Ensure that the Type of PFD that is applicable to the water/ boating activity you intend to engage in. Our Storm Rider PFD’s are legal for full offshore use.
  • As PFD’s are meant to be worn over the duration of your activity, the weight, cut and design of the PFD is important to determine the comfort factor.
  • Our Storm Rider PFD’s are the only Personal Flotation Device that can legally be worn open (with the buckle fastened), and are made from a breathable and stretchable fabric to ensure a perfect fit for the life of the jacket.