When you buy a HiSun quad bike or utility vehicle,you are buying from an established brand that has gained the trust of thousands of customers worldwide. It is HiSun’s dedication to superior quality and innovative technology that has made them the largest off-road vehicle manufacturer in China for the past 20 years.

Company’s Background

Founded in 1988, HiSun began as a motorcycle manufacturer but soon after, in 1995, HiSun became the first privately-owned company in China capable of producing motor-driven vehicles. HiSun later established the first Chinese owned plant in Vietnam along with the first domestic motorcycle company in Indonesia, in 2001. Later that year HiSun produced Chongqing Motorcycle along with Jianshe Group. In 2003, HiSun manufactured Jialing Motor in Sanhui in a joint venture with Jialing Group. However, it was not until 2005 whereby HiSun would influence Australia, working with the famous British research consultant J&J Technological to improve and enhance its operations for the demanding Western market. Additionally, in 2006, HiSun worked with the top Korean design company YiLo to improve its designs.



Above Parklander Diesel Utility Vehicle PQV-800UTVD

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