FLIGHTCRAFT Nastalgia over 40 years since 1968

All of the info listed here below have been collected by myself Bob Heaney of Precision Marine dating back more than 45 years. Part of the info is data from the early Powerboat magazines and collection since the first edition in October 1976 and onwards. There has been many other outboard versions produced and a fishing type boat to numerous to include here.

Above and below is the first of the 15' Phantoms

Below is the longer Phantom  listed as 16'. Early seventies.
Other models to follow were the Phantom 11 then the Phantom TS. being with new designed deck and v shaped bottom.

These Phantom models released early 1970's


Above & below is the Phantom SS with the flatter deck and no windscreen.

Produced in both centremount (above) & V-drive.






Flightcraft Banshee is the baby of the fleet renown for its sharp turning.




      Above & below are pics. of preowned Banchee's from the net.




     Below is the Sleekcraft which is a sports deck version of the 18' XL.

                                  It is without provision for screen