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GX600 VHF Marine Radio
Builtto operate in the 156-163 MHz Marine Band, and designed to complimentthe GME GR100 AM/FM radio in size and design providing a symetricalfitout to any vessel's instrument panel.Packed full offeatures, the GX600's rugged diecast powder coated chassis and IP67protected case ensure maximum protection from the harsh marineenvironment and the slim design will suit almost every installationrequirement.
Price $275.00

GX300 27 MHz CB/Marine Radio
 TheGX300 is an innovative new design incorporating both 27 MHz CitizenBand and 27 MHz Marine Band transceivers into one unit. Channel recall,dual watch, large back-lit display, very effective noise limiter andenviroment protected design (IP55) the GX300 covers virtually allaspects of 27 MHz communication on land or sea in one unit. The frontmounted speaker provides loud clear reception and the channel controlson the microphone make operation easy. The GX300 is suppliedwith a gimbal mounting bracket, but with a depth of just 70 mm, theGX300 is also perfectly suited to flush mounting (using the optionalflush mount kit).