Boating Tips

 Trailer Matinence

All trailers at some time in their life need some maintenance.

Box type trailers are more prone to rusting where often a small crack in a weld may occur in turn letting water inside. This type of trailer in time will then rust from the inside and telltale signs are bubbles appearing in the paint where rust is pushing the paint also look at the underneath side for rusting. A test is tapping it with a hammer or something similar.   The C section trailers have got the ability to dry out after getting wet therefore lasting longer. We recommend all new trailers to be galvanized and if required can still be painted over successfully if you wish.

   Brakes are a item to check and grease the coupling's grease nipples if there is any.

  Check tyre pressures for under inflation.

  Check all lights that they are operating correctly as often water and corrosion around the globes cause problems.

  Wheel bearings should be checked yearly if immersed in water regularly and a quick check is to jack them up and spin the wheel and listen for any abnormal grinding noises. Don't delay replacement if required.
Rock the wheels backwards and forwards to test for loose bearings as with use sometimes require tightening. Only slight movement should be acceptable.
A good idea is to back off slightly all the wheel nuts and then re-tighten with the wheel brace that you normally carry as often rust occurs on the threads and in the advent of a forced wheel change you naturally don't want the issue of wheel nuts too tight (speaking from experience) Suggest to be careful if you oil or grease the wheel studs as this may help the nuts to later come loose. The left hand side wheel is the one that normally comes loose first because of direction of rotation.