Boating Tips

Checking the level of oil in your dog clutch Chev ski boat.

 It is recommended to change the oil in your engine along with a new oil filter at least yearly as the engine is normally put under more stress than the average road going motor car.
 Most common multigrade oils should be suitable.

 I beleive that you should be very carefull not to overfill as this would cause the rear of the crankshaft to run immersed in oil causing airation and extra stess to the crank and the possibility of addition oil leaks.
In my own engines of this type I only fill to the ad mark if I hadn't already cut about 20mm off the outside of the dipstick tube.

 You must remember that the motor is at around 15 degree angle in the boat and the dipstick is in middle of the engine hence the possible high level of oil.
The oil pickup should have been extended to the rear inside the sump before assembly to allow for the increased angle of the engine when fitted.

The above info is only personal views put forward to assist skiboat owners from Bob at R & M Precision Marine