Boating Tips

How to store your inboard boat motor during the off season.

  We believe many inboard ski boats wear out more in the off season than they do when it is being used. Most times this is case because of the lack of knowledge by the owner.

  We recommend if stored without use for the full off season that the boat should be stored completely under cover but firstly the hull should be cleaned down to remove any water stains on the hull, and left to dry out totally internally before any cover in fitted. It is also possible for the fibreglass to blister if allowed to sweat and this problem is called osmosis. Front of the boat should be higher than the back to let any water to drain out of the exhaust pipes so that condensation does not create rust inside the engine as some of the engine valves always remain open when the motor is stopped. You should remove all water bungs in the boat to drain water and let air into the buoyancy tanks if there is bungs fitted there.
 Highly recommended is to slowly pour about 500mls of engine oil directly down the carby while the engine is revving at about 2000 rpm and when smoke starts to billow out the exhaust and with the engine faltering slightly you then stop pouring the oil down and at the same time turn off the ignition. This action will lubricate the internals to help to prevent rust forming.

If desired in the off-season running the engine at a fast idle speed for 2 or 3 minutes every 2 months or so would greatly assist in eliminating the chance of rust forming inside the engine around valves and cylinder walls. We encounter frequent valve related problems owing to inadequate off-season storage. Remember that water is required to be hooked up and circulate through the engine whilst running.

  You should use a external spray lubricate all over metal parts to help stop corrosion. Be sure to spray all aluminium as this will also corrode if moisture is present.
 Leaving the engine hatch up when you first put the boat away in storage helps greatly to dry moisture.

 Suggested that if the battery is left in, that you disconnect one lead and assure you keep it charge up. If left sit in a discharged state it will most likely be ruined at the start of the next season.

 Do not run the engine longer than 10 seconds without water going though the water-pump as it may ruin the rubber impeller and damage other rubber exhaust joints etc.

  The above info is only personal views put forward to assist ski boat owners from Bob at R & M Precision Marine