The revolutionary launch and retrieval system.

Boatcatch™ was invented and designed by Australian abalone diver Greg Staples who wanted to get his boat into and out of the water faster, safer and hassle free.

Small BOATCATCH  PRICE $599.00
Large BOATCATCH  PRICE $849.00

Made of 100% marine grade stainless steel(316). This is an incredibly strong and robust product that comes with a lifetime warranty. With only three moving parts, it requires little maintenance and being highly polished, Boatcatch is a very attractive accessory to any trailer boat.

Gallery of Boatcatch fit-ups

If you would like to view a collection of photographs that show Boatcatch installed on numerous types of trailer and boat type set ups we have a PDF available for download. Download now.

Everything you need.

Boatcatch comes with a universal mounting bracket, U-bolts, washers, nuts, pull cord, bow eye and spacer to suit most boats as well as a very comprehensive and clear instruction manual to help you install it yourself.

Fits almost any boat & trailer.

Whether you've got a small 'alloy' boat, a large fiberglass boat or even a cat, you can cut the supplied mounting arm and position the Boatcatch to suit just about any boat and trailer combination!

Easy launch.

Once fitted it's ready to use. When about to launch, you simply prepare by releasing the winch cable from your boat in the parking lot. After which, reverse the trailer into the water. Boatcatch allows you to move around until you choose to remotely pull the release leaver and calmly motor off.

Fast retrieval.

Position the trailer in the water and when ready, drive your boat in. The Boatcatch has a heavy duty pin that locates inside the eye automatically when retrieving and secures the boat upon the trailer. It's incredibly strong so you can easily drive your vehicle to the parking lot before having to secure the winch cable.

A diagram of Boatcatch fitting a boat.

Fitting the Boatcatch.

Most handymen who own a drill and some basic spanners can fit the Boatcatch. The device is clamped simply and directly to the trailer bow post with 'u' bolts and nuts. The most technical job is cutting the metal universal mounting kit 'tube' to length with a hand saw or similar tool.

A diagram of Boatcatch on the boat ramp.


Different trailer sizes.

The device comes in two sizes of the same design. The small size may be fitted to all aluminium boats under 6 metres long, and light duty fibreglass boats under 6 metres. The large unit will accommodate a vessel as small as 6 metres and a boat of any length and having a maximum weight of 6 tonne.

Dimensions of the small Boatcatch model   Dimensions of the large Boatcatch model

Boatcatch won't break.

The device comes in two sizes of the same design. The small size may be fitted to boats under 6 meters (20ft)long. The large unit will accommodate a boat 6 metres (20ft) or over in length, but having a maximum weight of 8 tonne (16,000lb). Note, if your boat is between 5 and 8 tonne (10,000 and 16,000lb) please contact the manufacturer about suitable/heavy mounting brackets.

Operating Boatcatch.

One or two people can be used to launch and retrieve with a Boatcatch. The two person method chosen by most operators is where you have an operator for the boat and a driver the car and trailer. When well practiced this makes for a speedy ramp work.

Purchasing your Boatcatch™

The length of the vessel is not so much a factor when choosing the size of your Boatcatch, the weight of the boat is more critical. It is suggested that the small coupling is used on boat with on water weight from 300kgs up to 1.5 tonne. Any greater than this and you should use the large boatcatch

The small coupling comes with a galvanized mounting arm that bolts around trailer bow posts that are between 50mm and 75mm wide, and the large boatcatch fits on bow posts between 60mm and 100mm wide. If your post is different just ask us and we may have something to help.

Note: Occasionally people choose to disregard the mounting components and adapt the coupling to the trailer by other means. Should you wish to make a custom mounting, our coupling has a flat 4 bolt flange that is very simple to mount onto.

Small BOATCATCH  PRICE $599.00
Large BOATCATCH  PRICE $849.00

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