Austral Propellers

4 Blade CompuThrust

 The ultimate in thrust and smoothness for ski boats ! Put simply this is the single most successful product the company has ever developed. 
 Originally set out to design a propeller specifically for water skiing and the four bladed CompuThrust has exceeded our most optimistic expectations.
 The CompuThrust has four parabolic style raked blades of totally unique CAD/CAM design.
 The total blade area is about 40% larger than normal three bladed ski boat propellers providing enormous thrust for both social and tournament water skiing.
 The propeller is exceptionally smooth and it simply won't let go throughout the full RPM range

Performance Advantages:
* Fantastic hole shot acceleration
* Excellent mid RPM range performance
* Maintains higher speed on turns
* Massive blades for very high thrust
* Reduces overall fuel consumption
* Planing speed can be held at lower RPM
* Outstanding smoothness of operation

Design Features:
* Revolutionary parabolic design
* Large blade area for more thrust
* CAD/CAM computer developed
* Varying pitch distribution
* Patterns fully CNC machined
* Unique Super Cup design
* Individually pitchometer checked
* Electronically balanced
* Cast in Nibral as standard
* Lustrous polished finish

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