Sea Anchors
A sea anchor is a valuable piece of safety equipment for any vessel venturing out to sea. When set it will slow the drift rate and keep the bow of your vessel into the wind. In an emergency breakdown situation this is a critical factor as it will discourage the vessel from rolling and pitching and will help the vessel stay in relatively the same location until help arrives. Sea anchors are also ideal for offshore fishermen and allowing bait to be kept on the bottom longer when drifting over a favorite fishing spot. The traditional sea anchor is conical in shape and effectively acts as an under water wind sock channeling water through a small hole, creating drag. This design is being overtaken by the parachute type which has a larger surface area, creating more resistance in the water.

Parachute Sea Anchors

A Parachute Sea Anchor is the only device available that holds the bow of your boat into the wind.

In an emergency situation a Sea Anchor allows your boat to comfortably ride out a storm.


BOAT BRAKES are ideal for fast trolling boats with high H.P. engines. Eliminates the expense and need for small auxiliary trolling motors. (see diagram)

BOAT BRAKES is especially designed for drift fishing. BOAT BRAKES allow fishermen to drift slowly over their favorite fishing spots on windy days. Eliminates the need to constantly run your engine to counteract the wind. (see diagram)

BOAT BRAKES are a must for any disabled water craft to help keep the bow of the craft into the wind to minimize the possibility of swamping or capsizing

Sea Anchors:

Collapsible reinforced PVC sea anchor. Supplied complete with rope towing bridle and stainless steel ring. Attachment point fitted to the base for ease of tripping. Ideal for fishing boats to slow and control wind drift rate.
146910            Sea Anchor sm 640L x 700W $136.00
146912            Sea Anchor med 820L x 800W $145.00
146914            Sea Anchor large 1000L x 900W $158.00