Reef Anchors

This is another popular anchor which is very effective on rock, wrecks and coral. Reef anchors rely on 'hooking' onto underwater structures rather than penetrating the bottom. The great feature of the reef anchor is that it has bendable prongs which can be straightened when lifting the anchor. Once onboard the prongs can be bent back to the optimal shape. Reef anchors are available with four and five prongs. When you purchase a reef anchor at BCF the prongs are in the straightened position which is easier and safer to transport. Due to the prongs' ability to be straightened it is not recommendedto use a reef anchor overnight, especially in a high risk situation.

146426                    Reef Anchor 4 Prong 10mm $21.40
146428                    Reef Anchor 5 Prong 10mm $25.50
146430                    Reef Anchor 4 Prong 13mm $35.70
146432                    Reef Anchor 5 Prong 13mm $35.80