Plough Anchors

Plough anchors are based on a single fluke design which has better holding power in changing currents and tides. This is because it is easier to maintain grip with a single fluke as it follows a changing direction of pull. Plough anchors are very effective in sand and mud. They can be used on rocky bottoms, especially if the cable tie method (explained later) is used. The one big disadvantage of the plough anchor is that they are bulky and difficult to stow once on board. To counter this many boats using a plough anchor will stow the anchor on a bow roller. There are many variations of the plough type anchor but they are all based on the same single fluke design.

CQR (also known as a Plough anchor)

  • Good holding power
  • Ideal for mud or weedy bottoms
  • Difficult to stow
  • Will not dig in on a rocky seabed
  • Should be used with a buoyed trip line to ensure easy recovery
  • Favoured by many sailors
Price 15lb. $79.00
          20lb. $98.00
          27lb. $129.00