Grapnel Anchors:

Traditional hard holding anchors with strong flukes for holding in difficult conditions. Flukes quickly dig into even hard bottom conditions and remain snug. Every anchor is equipped with a 30mm trip ring in the base. When used amongst rocks, the anchor line is commonly secured to the trip ring, with only light lashing around the line and the top ring. If snagged, a tight pull on the anchor line usually breaks the lashing, reversing the anchor to pull free.

Grapnel Anchor
The Grapnel anchor is very effective for anchoring on hard rocky bottoms.These anchors have short, strong prongs which are able to hook onto underwater structure. They are equipped with a trip ring which (using the cable tie method) can be used to reverse pull an anchor that is held fast.

146356                                   Grapnel Anchor - 4kg $52.20

14635                                     Grapnel Anchor - 5kg $65.20

146360                                   Grapnel Anchor - 6kg $78.30

146362                                   Grapnel Anchor - 8kg $104.00