Fishing Boat  Anchor Ropes

Video on how to splice chain to rope


This white nylon 3 strand rope is around twice as strong as silver rope.This allows a smaller diameter rope to be used which proves cost effective. Nylon rope is the strongest and most elastic synthetic fibre UV resistant rope. It is easy to handle, has great elasticity,shock absorption and abrasion resistance.Nylon rope is ideal for mooring lines, towing slings, commercial fishing applications and as a high quality, easy to handle anchor rope.

Breaking Strain: Approx. 3300 Kg for 12mm.

NOTICE: The right rope for anchor winches:

   We at Precision Marine have personally experienced great variation in some nylon rope being sold on the Australian market. Some is not a suitable rope for many anchor winches.
   We have tested some nylon rope and found it to jamb in the gypsy while retrieving the anchor so be careful.
   When making a purchase be sure it is three strand medium lay which is stiffer than some. A good test is to hold out a 300mm section horizontal with two hands and on letting go one end it shouldn't sag past about 60 degrees.

Anchor Winch Nylon Rope -
Premium grade (medium lay)
Rope suits all South Pacific winches.

Whittams ropes
12mm x 200mts.
    Price $498.00 

12mm x 100mts.     Price $255.00

12mm x 50mts.        Price $135.00

14mm x 50mts.        Price $180.00
14mm x 100mts.      Price $350.00


Nylon Rope and Chain Kits
Supplied with 6mm galv short link chain spliced to 3 strand nylon rope. Available in 12mm x 50m or 12mm x100m with 6m or 10m of chain.
We have aslo supplying this particular nylon rope for use with our South Pacific winches and appears to be okay bearing in mind many nylon ropes appear to be to soft and getting caught in the winch gypsy when threading off into the well.
Milde.564090       12mm x 50m, 6m x 6mm of chain.   Price $215.00
Milde.564095       12mm x100m, 6m x 6mm of chain.  Price $319.00
all above plus freight

Short link chain dimensions DIN766,ISO

Product Code A (MM) B (MM) C (MM) D (9MM) E (MM)
SFCNSLG05 5.1 17.9 28.2 7.1 18.3
SFCNLSG06 6 19.6 29.8 7.6 17.9
SFCNLSG08 8 27.5 39.5 11.1 23.8
SFCNLSG10 10 34.8 49.2 14.5 29.8
SFCNLSG12 12 40 59 15.4 36.2
SFCNLSG16 16 55 79 22 47.5
SFCNLSG20 20 65 95 25.5 57
SFCNLSG22 22 74 105 27.7 61
SFCNLSG26 25 86 125 32.5 76

145052   Short Link Gal Chain per meter - 6mm  $9.90
145058   Short Link Gal Chain per meter - 8mm  $13.90



Silver rope is a versatile, UV resistant, strong and flexible rope which is mainly used as anchor rope or economical mooring rope and is ideally suited to general marine and fishing industry uses.

Breaking Strain: 1260 Kg

RWB1809 Silver Rope - 12mm x 100mts.  Price $108.00
BLA144088 Silver Rope 12mm x 250mts. Price $215.00
Silver Rope 14mm x 125mts. Price $153.00
 Anchor Rope Length

Rope Silver Anchor 12mm breaking strain approx.1500Kg
Rope Silver Anchor 14mm breaking strain approx 2040Kg
  • This rope is a three strand laid polyethylene.

Anchor rope is a vital part of your boat equipment.
It needs to be long enough to pull the anchor horizontally so that the flutes dig in properly.
A suitable length of ground chain should be used.
An increased rope to bottom angle decreases the holding power.
In fair weather conditions a rope length of three times the depth of water will be adequate.
In other weather this should be increased five to ten times.
A ground chain of approximately 75% of the boat length is recommended for fair weather.


 To obtain maximum holding power of your anchor, the warp or rope part of the rode should always be 3 strand laid Nylon- This is because of its great strength and stretch. Silver (Staple fibre polyester), polypropylene and polyethylene ropes should never be used because they have no elasticity. The lower tensile strength of these ropes, (in case of Silver, about 50% that of Nylon) can be overcome by using a larger diameter size, but there is no way they can absorb all the impact  loads like nylon does.

Anchor and mooring lines are subject to impact loads superimposed on static tensile loads by waves and wind gusts.The ability to absorb sudden shocks not only adds to the holding power of the rope but also reduces the end loads imparted on the anchor and on mooring cleats.

Bent shanks are a common problem with most anchors when they are properly embedded in the sea bed. The "rubber band" effect of nylon takes out most of these impact forces and instead of the shank bending, the anchor pulling out, or the deck cleats breaking away the nylon anchor rode just stretches.

The need for a swivel

There are several possible scenarios which could demand the use of a swivel.

  • Your chain leaves the boat. This means that the orientation of the chain has a 75% chance of not being maintained, especially if you are using an auto rope/chain gypsy and do not manually 'right' the chain upon its return. This means the anchor is likely to come up sideways or upside-down, and must right itself on the roller. Lacking a swivel, the chain will then twist and discourage the anchor's righting.
  • You plan on doing lots of 360s in the same direction while anchored (unlikely in most situations). Some tidal anchorages with unique conditions could present this scenario. In this case, you do not want the chain or rope twisting, as it could kink or eventually even begin to un-lay 3-strand ropes. Chain will only endure a few twists before bunching and knotting.

The anchor should right itself without fuss on the roller. We suggest in brief that you use a simple shackle at first, and introduce a swivel only if you feel it is required.

 Double Braid Rope Milde
Price. 6mm. $1.30mt.
Price. 8mm. $1.60mt.
Price. 10mm. $2.55mt

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