Restoration of our Jack Eddy timber
 run-a-bout  ski boat

The ski boat in it's heyday

The boat is still all original and still very solid for it's age as it has been kept in storage for about the last 25years.

The hull is ply clinker and still appears to be completely waterproof. Transom is sound only requiring resheeting with plywood. The wooden cav. plate will be retained.

The deck requires resheeting however all supporting timber will be retained

The hull is classified as a double ribbed construction for extra strength.

The motor is a 292ci Ford F100 Y block and turns over freely and hopeful is still in running condition as it was reported that it was heavily oiled after it was last used.

Motor is dry sumped using an aircraft pump. Drive line is complete and expect to retain all original hardwear including the original trailer as it mainly only requires painting and it was used to transport the boat to its new home.