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Krusher 550cc 4x4

Price $6,490.00 drive away
Ex Melb. crated $5990.00
                    as from Feb. 2016
  • Powerful and Reliable 550cc liquid cooled Atomik engine
  • V-Twin engine
  • 34.5HP Output
  • High + Low and Reverse tranmission
  • 4WD switchable to 2WD feature
  • Shaft-drive Transmission
  • Independent Rear Suspension (IRS)
  • Low centre of Gravity Chassis for unrivalled Stability
  • Digital Dash with Speedo and Odometer
  • Easy start and Maintenance Free CDI Ignition
  • 2500 lbs Electric Winch, Tow Bar and Tow Ball (30 metre cable length)
  • Large 13.5 Litre Fuel Tank
  • 300mm Hi-Ground Clearance
  • Hydraulic Ventilated Disc Brakes
  • Polished Alloy Rims
  • Headlights and Taillights.
  • Reinforced Front Bumper Bar

The Atomik Krusher 550cc is powered by a huge 550cc 4 stroke twin cylinder engine provides plenty of grunt and capable of reaching speed of over 60kph and is packed with features and the latest in ATV technology and design is a quad unmatched and unrivaled in its class. These functional, durable and versatile machines are suitable for just about any application, whether it’s in defense industries, construction industries or farming industries, leisure or recreational, private and commercial.


The Krusher 550c has an impressively powerful 550cc cc 4 stroke twin cylinder engine which is coupled to a shaft driven transmission that offers a high range and low range, and the convenience of switchable 2WD, 4WD feature. The 4x4 gives you traction no matter how wet or muddy it is. . The radiator situated high in the chassis keeps mud from blocking the cooling fins and allows the 34.5HP liquid cooled engine to keep its cool in the toughest of terrains.


Found standard on the Krusher 550cc and rarely found on other atv’s, quads and utility vehicles is its 2500lbs electronic winch with steel braided cables on the front, and the ever-useful tow-ball on rear, to hitch your trailer. It also sports front and rear carry racks; whether u need it to lug toolboxes or water sprayers, it does the job well. It also has polished alloy rims that will never rust and thus maintains its rim strength for the life of the quad.


Side mirrors and Hand Guards come standard, and the digital LCD display clearly indicates your speed, gear, time, odometer and temperature readings. Its high-powered twin front headlights and taillights, and turn signal indicators, allow you to ride at night easily. If there is a job that needs to be done, the fully equipped, tough and reliable Atomik Krusher 550cc will get it done with ease.


Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) DesignTo handle the toughest, most rugged conditions, the Atomik Krusher 550cc comes with Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) design. The IRS allows the Krusher 550cc keep its rear wheels stable and in constant contact to the terrain in all weather conditions, allowing for more traction, a smoother ride and less sliding. The IRS and the added ground clearance of the IRS design, boasting 275mm of clearance, lets you stay on the throttle through turns and rough, uneven terrain whereas other utility vehicles need to ease up or risk bashing their axles.



Engine Model
Genuine Atomik High Output 550cc Engine
Engine Type:  4-stroke, V twin cylinder, SOHC
Bore an Stroke:  72.5mm x 66.8mm
Displacement:  552cc
Cooling System:  Liquid-cooled
Cylinder:  V twin
Fuel Consumption:  6L/100KM
Compression:  10.3:1
Max Power:  34.5 hp@ 7000rpm
Max torque:  45N.m @ 5500rpm
Starter:  Electric Start and Hand pull start
Battery:  12v14ah
Transmission:  2 SPEED Auto (Hi & Low) + Reverse
Ignition:  CDI
Spark plug:  NGK - DR8EA
Fuel Type:  High Octane Unleaded Fuel (92 or higher)
Engine Oil Grade:  Non-synthetic 10W/40SF 4-stroke Engine Oil
Engine oil:  1.5L
Transmission oil:  0.8L
Rear diff oil:  0.3L
Magneto Type: Electronic Ignition System
Final Drive: Shaft Drive CVT transmission
Frame:  Black High Strength Steel
Swingarm:  Black High Strength Steel
Controls:  Alloy
Triple Clamps:  Black High Strength Steel
Handlebar:  Black High Strength Steel
Handlebar Grip:  Soft High Grip Rubber
Rim (F):  Polished Chrome Alloy
Rim (R):  Polished Chrome Alloy
Tyre (F):  25 x 8.00 - 12
Tyre (R):  25 x 10.00 - 12
Suspension (F):  Double Wishbone
Suspension (R):  Double Wishbone (Independent Suspension)
Brakes (F):  Disc Brakes
Brakes (R):  Disc Brakes
Brake distance:  7m/30km/h
Maximum Speed:  > 90kph*
Max Load:  200kg
Tow Capacity:  200kg
Fuel Capacity:  13.5l
Range:  325km per Tank
Engine Oil Capacity:  1600ml
Maximum Climb:  25°
Seat Height:  900mm
Ground Clearance:  300mm
Wheel Base:  1271mm
Turning radius:  3280mm
G.W. / N.W.:  352 / 285kg
Product Size:  2060x1200x1400mm
Package Size:  2290x1310x830mm
Power Supply:  12V
Rolling Capacity:  6000lbs
Pulling Capacity:  2000lbs
Cable Length:  30 feet